Wide Nylon Dog Collar for Pitbull-1.5 inch wide

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  • Model: C40##1072 Pitbull nylon collar


Wide Nylon Dog Collar for Pitbull-1 1/2 inch wide

1. Nylon Dog Collar
2. Nickel Plated Hardware
3. Wide
4. 2 Ply Nylon
5. Heavy Duty Stitched

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Classic Design Nylon Pitbull Collar Adjustable

Nylon Pitbull Collar Adjustable

Buckled Nylon Pitbull Collar with Rust-Proof Nickel Plated Hardware

Buckled Nylon Pitbull Collar with Nickel Hardware

Nylon Pitbull Collar with with Durable Ring for Leash Attachment

Nylon Pitbull Collar with Durable Ring

This collar is 1 1/2 inch (4 cm) wide.

This Collar have 5 holes ,1 inch distance between holes.

NOTE! if you choose "will fit 23 inch(59 cm)neck size(collar adjustment is 21-25inch)"  23'' will be the length of the collar up to the center hole with 2 extra holes in each direction.

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Nylon Dog Collar for Pitbull!!

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