Lightweight 6 FOOT NYLON DOG LEASH with ring & Swivel Snap Hook

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  • Model: L9###1072 2 PLY LEAD 6 FOOT

Description offers Lightweight 6 FOOT NYLON DOG LEASH with Ring and Swivel Snap Hook

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All weather nylon dog leash

Walking and tracking nylon dog leash

Everyday nylon dog leash equipped with strong snap hook

Tracking nylon dog leash furnished with brass snap hook

Lightweight nylon dog leash

Multifunctional nylon dog leash

This Nylon dog leash best for tracking, walking, training, everyday and all weather leash.
2 ply nylon.Heavy duty stitched.

This dog leash has floating brass ring on the handle

Nylon dog leash size:
3/4 inch on 6 foot(2.0 cm on 180.0 cm)

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