Similar to Preppy Dog Collar With Name Plate ID Tag for Pitbull

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  • Model: C456#1072 Leather collar w/h name tag

Description offers Handmade Leather Similar to Preppy Dog Collar With Name Plate ID Tag for your Pitbull

Similar to Preppy Dog Collar With Name Plate ID Tag for Pitbull

Similar to Preppy Dog Collar With Name Plate ID Tag for Pitbull

Dog Collar Info:

1. Made of selected Leather.

2. Available In Black or Brown color and Very Strong and Thick Perfectly Oiled leather.

3. Will fit dogs with neck size 18 inch and up to 30 inch (45 cm - 80 cm).  Also we can make custom size! Please make sure to choose best size fro your dog.

4. Two width sizes available 1 1/2 Inch (40 mm) wide .

5. Steel Nickel-Name Plated id tag 2 inch (5 cm)

6. Id tag is hand set with rivets

7. Hand set rivets secure the steel buckle and D-ring (for additional tags and leash.)

Perfect Tool For Handling Small, Medium and Large dogs like Pitbull

Similar to Preppy Dog Collar With Name Plate ID Tag for Pitbull

Name Plate ID Tag for Pitbull

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