Leather Pitbull Pull Tab for Close Control

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  • Model: L8###1072 Short Lead/Lead-Traffic Leash


Easy-to-handle Leather Short Leash with Nappa Padding

Do you agree that an ordinary long leash does not suit all the purposes? Sometimes, your dog should be taken under the close control, i.e. when getting him out of a car or handling your pet in a crowded place. You are offered a great alternative for a long leash - Leather Dog Pull Tab. This short leash does not provide your pet with enough freedom of movements and makes him/her walk close to you. Even if your Pitbull is going to free and starts pulling too hard, the handle won't cut your palm because of an energetic jerk. The padded with soft Nappa leather handle is wide so that nothing of the kind will happen to you. A durable snap hook is also sturdy not to be broken under the high tension.

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 Pitbull Leash with Support Material

Pitbull Leash Padded with Support Material on Handle

Short Pitbull Leash for Daily Use

Pull Tab Pitbull Leash for Everyday Walking

Key features of this Pitbull Leash:

  • Genuine leather
  • Snap hook of brass-plated steel
  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide waxed leather
  • Stitched handle
  • Nylon threads
  • Super soft

Intended to use of Pitbull Leash:

  • Training
  • Walking
  • Training

Sizes available:

  • 6 ft (180 cm)


  • Black
  • Brown

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Strong Snap Hook on Pull Tab Pitbull Leash

Short Pitbull Leash with Brass Snap Hook

This product has a rather simple construction. It consists of a handle and properly riveted to it snap hook. So, it gives you an opportunity to lead your dog wherever you need. Strong and comfortable, this pull tab will become your indispensable assistant in easy dog handling.

The leash is made of the most durable and reliable material - a first-grade natural leather. In order to increase the tensile strength of the tool, leather was manually polished and coated with wax. Thus, it will serve your pet through the years and save you from the necessity to buy a new leash in the near future.

A special soft padding protects your hand while sudden jerks. It is lined with Nappa leather for pleasant feelings when holding the leash in hands. A sturdy snap-hook equipped to the pull tab for you to attach it easily and quickly to your dog's collar. It is carefully secured with small rust-resistant, as well as the snap hook itself, rivets for additional durability. Corrosion will not cover the brass hardware and it will look like new for decades.

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