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Dear Guy,
 I just received the harness for my dog. Thank you so much for going above and beyond in your customer service. The extra padding on the harness made a world of difference. Your personal touch and persistence will make me a customer for life. Thank you for everything. I hope that you and you family (and everyone at your company) have a wonderful holiday season.

American Pitbull Terrier dog Harness
How to size your dog for this harness:

size dog harness

Around the chest behind the front legs(green color on the picture): 31-41 inch
Around the neck of the dog(red color on the picture): 17-27 inch

leather dog harness made of padded nappa

leather dog harness made of padded nappa

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The training with the ring should be done 1-2 times a day without time restrictions. Corbel course The exercise consists in dog’s moving horizontally. The dog is tied by the breast-band with rubber bumper, which is fixed to motionless base, for example, tree stem. In order to get pit bull terrier move to overcome tension, animal-allurement is put at a short but unachievable distance. The dog starts rushing in the direction of the allurement, trying to get it, but the bumper puts it back. If an animal-allurement is placed a little farther (1.5-2m apart) the dog will be trying to get it: leapingly and with help of its paws thus overcoming the tension. Such the exercise sets muscles of paws, chest and shoulders; as well it strengthens lumbus. Such the qualities as momentum of the throw and insistence in pursuing a goal are developed. Also corbel course drills are airing the dog on strained leash, dog dragging of heavy chains, its following a bicycle, car, etc. Updraft Upright jumps develop muscles of hind limbs and work up their ligaments. To stimulate the dog to upward jumps is to hang the cage or net with an animal-allurement which is beyond the dog’s reach (a little higher than the dog can jump)....to continue reading this article please click on here...

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Anti-pulling device US1
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