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We guarantee that our muzzles are absolutely safe for your pet's health. When wearing one of our Leather Muzzles, your Pit Bulls feel freely enough. However, high-quality straps, that fix the Muzzle on the animal's head or snout won't let him hurt anybody. In case your Pit Bull hits against something by his snout, the Leather Cage Muzzle will protect him from feeling much pain. This is the main peculiarity of Leather Muzzles. One more is that leather won't stick to the pet's snout, when walking in the frost. Besides, we designed rather convenient system of buckles, that allows you to put the Muzzle on and off quickly and be sure that the dog won't pull off the Muzzle during the procedure.

Metal Cage Muzzles will be probably useful for owners of large and powerful breeds. Wire Cage Muzzles, available in our web store, are equipped with additional leather or foam rubber padding to protect the dog's skin from rubbing. We use high-quality metal wire, when producing the Muzzles, that's why they will serve for a long time and will prevent your Pit Bulls from doing mean tricks. In our on-line store you may also get Wire Cage Dog Muzzle with heat insulation material. The models of the kind are designed for walking with your dog in nipping frost. We don't recommend to use them in hot weather. Buying a Muzzle in our web store, you get necessary, first-class and 100% safe equipment for your friend.

When choosing the Muzzle for Pit Bull  Terriers, please remember, that they will wear it for a long time. This is the reason why it's so difficult to find an appropriate muzzle, considering that there are plenty of them at the pet shops. The cone-shaped Pitbull Muzzles are often offered to the dog owners. However, such shape is very uncomfortable for the dog, because the Pit Bull Muzzle should fit the pet's snout tightly, but not to tighten it.

If you want your dogs to feel comfortable, choose the cylinder-shaped Muzzle. When wearing it, your dog will be able to open the mouth slightly and put his tongue out. Pet Muzzles are made of different materials, for example leather, metal, nylon and plastic. According to the shape, the Pit Bull Terrier Muzzles are divided into solid, loop-shaped and those with leather or wire basket.  

Leather basket Muzzles will be perfect for calm, mild-tempered breeds. The Muzzles of the sort consist of strong leather straps and allow the animal to breath freely and stick out the tongue. Light weight is one more advantage of Leather Muzzles. Plastic Dog Muzzles weigh even less, but they easily crack when being hit or in the frost. Plastic Muzzles are irreplaceable if your dog participates in racing and each gram counts. When choosing Leather Muzzle, it's important to determine the desirable material, because the Muzzle, made of pleather is also called Leather Muzzle.

Dog Muzzles, made of pleather, cost less that those, made of genuine leather, but naturally they serve less as well. Muzzles, made of full grain leather aren't cheap, but they are extra strong and will serve for a very long time. Please, pay special attention to the rivets, that fix the straps. It's very important for the rivets to be made of high-quality, rust proof metal and have no burrs. Please, pay attention to the way of fastening the Muzzle on the dog's head. If your four-foot friend is used to wear the Muzzle and doesn't try to dislodge it, one strap may be enough to fix the Muzzle reliably. If the situation is the opposite, please, choose the Muzzle with the strap between the eyes.

If the dog is aggressive or attends attack training sessions, it's better to choose one of the Wire Cage Dog Muzzles. It's recommended to use them when the temperature is above 0, otherwise the dog's tongue or skin may stick to the wire cage. In order to avoid this situation you may buy Pitbull Wire Cage Muzzle with heat insulation material. However, the Muzzles of the kind are heavy enough and their usage is recommended only in exceptional cases. The front wire netting  (it may also be double) has decorative function, though sometimes it prevents the pet from picking up unnecessary things in the street. If you decided to buy Wire Cage Muzzle with front netting, please, make sure that the bars of the netting are vertical. In this case there will be almost no risk that the animal may break the teeth against it. It should be also mentioned, that Wire Cage Muzzle have one disadvantage. When being aggressive and hitting, the dog may hurt not only the person or object, the aggression is aimed at, but also himself.  As we already have mentioned, Wire Cage Muzzles are meant for large and aggressive breeds.

Pitbull Solid Dog Muzzles are made of leather or synthetic material. They are an interim options between Metal Cage and Leather Basket Muzzles. Even too much aggressive dog won't likely be able to bite, when wearing the Muzzle of the kind. Unlike the Wire Cage Muzzle, the solid one won't cause pain for the dog, when hitting. Please, note that in hot weather it's forbidden to put the solid Muzzle on your pet for a long time, because the animal manages overheating, using his tongue. The only advantage of the solid muzzle is it's light weight if compared to Wire Cage Muzzle.

Loop-shaped Dog Muzzles, made of nylon or other synthetic material have recently appeared in the market. The Muzzles of the sort are usually fixed on the dog's head using Velcros. They are very useful if you need to go with your calm dog on public transport and want to observe the law. They may be also used when visiting vet or your friends.

When choosing the Muzzle, please remember, that you buy the Muzzle for your pet in the first place and it should be more comfortable than beautiful.

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