Summer is coming! Train your Pitbull with our tools!

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May, 15 2013


Dear [fname], 

We want to remind you that the warmest and the funniest season is coming! Summer, sun,  but your Pitbull still wants to walk and train! Our company understands his desires and offers a lightweight and breathable trends of this season. In our strong but lightweight nylon harnesses your Pitbull will move without feeling discomfort. He can be drenched and even swim without taking the equipment off. How about Leather Harnesses and Collars? Thin but strong, they are so pleasant to your pet's skin. They absorb excess moisture and do not cause irritation.
How about muzzling? In our busket-like metal wire Muzzles your pet can easily drink, putting his face down in a bowl of water. Make this summer easier and more comfortable for your dog! After all, he deserves it!
Wire Muzzles



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Lightweight high-quality sporting dog Harness

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Do you want your Pitbull to be forever and ever gorgeous, fashion and stylish? Want to never to be out of conceit with the gear’s service? Then you need to pay your attention to this handcrafted Dog Harness that will serve you many years. Your dog will like wearing it as it does not interfere with the dog’s movements and other natural needs. It is quite new model among dog harnesses suitable for training, sporting events, walking and work with Pitbull.

Wire cage dog Muzzle for safety and protection

Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for American Pit Bull Terrier
Dear customer, today you have the chance to buy fashion classic extra durable Dog Muzzle for Pit Bulldog. This unique model is available in 20 sizes to fit Pit Bull breed of different age. Enormous durability, lightweight constriction, pretty design, resistance to rust, super popularity among dog handlers, great functionality, easy maintenance are those peculiarities the Muzzle is characterized by. Don't hesitate, buy now!                                       Join us on pinterest icon

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