Pitbulls have emotions

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October, 14

Some people may not believe that dogs have emotions, but in reality they do. As a Pitbull owner you probably know that Pits are very kind dogs. They may feel joy after a well-done job, love for their family members and sadness when you leave them for a long time. Isn't it amazing how close Pits are to humans? However, those emotions differ from our own. It is believed that the feelings that dogs experience are not connected to Pits' thoughts. You can be sure that when your Pitbull shows you his love and devotion, his feelings are honest and sincere. The more you fulfill your Pit's needs, the stronger the connection which will be developed between you and your dog. It is wonderful when you come back home and your devoted Pit is waiting for you together with all your family members. The most important thing that you need to remember is that our feelings can affect our dogs. If you are upset after a trying day, your Pit will not probably understand why you feel so, but he will pick up your energy. He will interpret this as unbalanced energy, and if you don't have your leadership down pat, it can lead to behavior issues. Make sure you are fulfilling your dog's needs first. Pitbulls are probably one of the most devoted and kind breeds. They give us all their love, affection and friendship and do not ask a lot in return. Remember that your Pitbull will never betray you; he will always support you no matter what. 

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