Some facts from the history of the Pitbull breed

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September, 30

A Pitbull is a wonderful dog that is known for intelligence, loyalty and strength. Pitbulls also possess a feisty and spirited character. Probably that's why people consider Pits to be dangerous. Of course it is impossible to be sure of the details of the Pitbull's history. Unfortunately, Pits were often used as fighting dogs, and sometimes participated in other bloody dog sports. By the 16th century nearly every town in England had its own baiting ring. Such events drew the spectators from every level of society. In baiting events, Pits were trained to harass the oponent until he collapsed or was injuried. The episodes lasted for long periods of time, sometimes 3 or 4 hours. Pitbulls' owners wanted them to be brave and fearless.Nowadays, Pitbulls are beloved pets and fortunately they are not used for fighting. These dogs are mostly used for helping people. They are used as police dogs, search dogs, therapy dogs and even farm dogs. Despite negative rumors, humans and Pits can live harmoniously, but one should not forget that training is an important consideration in Pitbull ownership. The history of the breed clearly shows that unless they are properly trained at a young age, Pitbulls will attempt to dominate. However, with the proper training a Pitbull can be remarkably loyal and friendly.

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