American Pit Bull Terriers - Facts & Information. Part II


As you as your dog


Bringing home a new-born.How to deal with APBT dog?


Your leadership not your APBT's but in a non-violent way


Never allow APBT to exercise dominion over you


American Pit Bull Terrier must deserve to be praised


The stick and the carrot policy applied to the APBT


How it was.History of APBT


All truth of the breed's mission. Historic wordage


Health of APBT. Rabies. How to prevent the disease


Health of APBT. Intoxication. The treatment for it


Symptoms may tell about disease of your American Pit Bull


How to take pulse and temperature in APBT


Meaning of various symptoms in American Pit Bull Terrier


Golden rules for making a good APBT breeder


Seasonal influences on American Pit Bull Terrier


APBT breeding:Is it much important for the dog's development?


APBT's official breed standard


American Pit Bull Terrier's body parts how they are to be


APBT's look in accordance with breed standard. The end


Diet of American Pit Bull Terrier puppies


As APBT puppies grow their diet becomes more various


Only regular and correct feeding will make APBT safe and sound


What do you know about adopted American Pit Bull Terriers?


Even a well-behaved APBT may be spoiled


Do not miss socialization period of your APBT


If you are about to have APBT you'd realize future responsibility


What may happen if you overmuch pamper your Pit Bull Terrier


Learn from the mistakes of others


Do familiarize yourself with socialization period for your Pit Bull


Long-term confinement of APBT puppy involves many problems


Abnormality in sexual behavior of APBT. How to deal with this?


The consequences of incorrect education of Pit Bull



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