Are you sure you know everything about your Pitbull?

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June, 14 2013

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Are you sure you know everything about your Pitbull? This pet can live with you under the same roof, but sometimes can act in a special way that can be unknown even for you.


A lot of people are afraid of Pitbulls because they think they have a very aggressive appearance. Pitbulls are fighting dogs, dating back to ancient Greece. Their ancestors fought each other in coliseums. Such fights are held even today. Choosing a Pitbull is a very important step as this breed needs to be trained regularly and effectively. With the right training, Pitbulls grow up to be remarkable athletes. You should be very attentive to your doggy.


The most important thing to remember about Pitbulls is that they should be treated as individuals. Believe us, they feel the energy of surrounding people and are not very kind with strangers, especially if they look suspecious. However, they are fun-loving and active. If you have kids, don't feel scared if your Pitty will start showing some signs of attention toward them. They will easily find a common ground. That's why Pitbulls are often called "nanny dogs". 


Nylon Dog Collar


               Gorgeous Pitbull is wearing a Wonderfull Collar


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Do not forget about our  Dog Photography Contest and Dog Video Contest! We encourage you to take part in this special event. Few days are left, but you still have good chances to win. The previous winner joined the contest last, but he still won. Isn't that amazing? We are sure your pet likes winning and we hope you'll support him! Remember the more votes per day you'll get - the higher your chances to win. Join us today and change the flow of the contest!


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Handcrafted Leather Dog Collar with Vintage Massive Plates

Handcrafted Leather Collar with Vintage Plates

Antique nickel plated dog collar

Communication with Pitbull dog breed can be not only pleasant but also fruitful. Without being taught this dog breed may do mischief. Guarantee of good behavior of Pitbull dog is a correct training tactics and the equipment cleverly chosen for his education. Offering handmade leather dog collar today we want you to hear that this high quality, comfortable, safe, attractive, durable, usable dog gear is intentionally engineered for Pitbull dog breed.


Premium Nylon Uniquely Designed Dog Harness
Nylon Dog Harness

Multifunctional nylon dog harness

Do you want your Pitbull to be forever and ever gorgeous, fashion and stylish? Want to never to be out of conceit with the gear’s service? Then you need to pay your attention to this hand crafted dog harness that will serve you many years. Your dog will like wearing it as it does not interfere with the dog’s movements and other natural needs. It is quite new model of field dog harness suitable for training, sporting events, walking and work with Pitbull.


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