Activities for you and your Pitbull

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August, 27 2013

You probably know like anyone else that it is necessary to spend time together with your Pitbull and you must have noticed that Pits are active dogs and strive for spending some time outdoors. Building relations through fun activities is one of the best things we can do for our beloved four-legged pals. Running trails and cooling off in a river is an ideal adventure for your Pit! What kind of outdoor games should you play with a Pitbull?

There are a lot of fun games to play with your Pitbull and we are convinced that you like having fun with your dog. The first game that you can play is called Tug-of-War. This game is a great workout for you and your dog. It helps to build such traits of character, confidence, and obedience. You will need a strong rope that you will tug and of course you should be in a good mood. You can easily turn this game into a training session. How? Use simple commands like sit, stay, and drop it. You will teach your dog patience by making him wait before you let him grab a tug. This game is one of the best games to play with a Pitbull because you train your dog and have fun with him at the same time.

Fly ball is a great game if your Pit needs to release his energy. This game can be played in teams. The object is to come back to the starting position. If you play in teams, your dog should be the first to return. The dog should overcome various hurdles until he gets to the box with a fly ball. Then he only needs to bring the ball to his owner. Have you played this game before? If no, you can add this game to your activity list! Your Pitbull will love this game.

It's not a secret that dog equipment is needed not only for training, but for entertainment as well. For fun activities you will need tugs, toys or balls. Where can you find this stuff? You will find plenty of such things in our online store. Moreover, all of them are made of high quality and will serve you for many years. You can also find large collections of harnesses, muzles, collars, bite suits and sleeves, training toys, tugs and balls. We hope that you will find everything that you need for your Pitbull in our online shop!

New super control leather dog collar with convenient strong handle

Purchase wonderful dog collar in the nearest days! If you take it in your hands for the first time you will hardly realize that this thing is a dog accessory. Why?? Prettily designed, neatly stitched and riveted with the leather feeling too soft when worn. Do you really need a Reliable Handmade Leather Dog Collar to be your assistant when you deal with your strong dog? Seemingly simple dog collar is not as simple as it seems to be at first sight. Its heavy duty built-in handle makes it possible for you to be in control of your pet whenever you like. Have you ever felt the gentleness of natural tannery firsts? It is the chance to feel it very soon if you choose this strong leather dog collar for lovely Pitbull breed. We do not hope or promise we guarantee a plenty of benefits from this collar and comfortable wear, of course, is understood…Some word about the collar's design. In fact, dog collar with handles are most preferred for Pitbull's training. The handle allow you to have instant control over your powerful canine.

Special custom leather dog muzzle for attack/agitation work

Welcome to our online Pit Bull store! We are glad to bring best leather dog muzzle to your notice now! This dog muzzle is considered to be an ideal training tool for the dogs working in specialized army units, for agitation and attack work of police dogs. The muzzle was developed by highly experienced specialists with participation of cynological divisions and defensive payloads. This muzzle is famous for durability and design reliability together with maximal comfort for the dog. The dog wearing this muzzle feels comfortable even if the muzzle stays on him for long time. Also, the dog can slightly open his jaws when having this muzzle on. The muzzle is an undeniable leader among other dog muzzles for working dogs and successfully used in military elements and for police work. Special holes in the leather make the muzzle well breathable and it is of great importance as after hard active work working dog breathes heavily. Front steel leather covered bar protects the dog from hard blows during attack work and maintains the muzzle’s shape.

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