Tips to Teach Your Dominant Pitbull Who's the Real Boss

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                                                       November, 12, 2013


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There is an opinion that Pitbulls may show their dominance over their handlers. Dog specialists state that dominant Pits may not obey commands and may be difficult to control even when leashed. How can we cope with such a problem? 


Stop Excessive Petting. This is the main thing that is advised by professional dog trainers. If your Pitbull is well-behaved, you may let him lick and touch you. If your Pit shows arrogance and is brazen sometimes, don't let him knock you down. They say that it is important for a handler to show his superiority to his Pitbull. 


Socializing. It is known that it is necessary to communicate with a dog. This is a key feature in the situation with leadership. Dog experts suggest you take your Pitbull out for a walk for at least 30 minutes a day. The reaserch shows that dogs that are taken out daily, feel better and are less stubborn. They receive a daily portion of activities and have a great opportunity to release their energy. Dog trainers advise to position yourself before your Pitbull every time you walk him out. They believe that this is needed in order to show your dog that you are a leader. Take confident strides ahead of your Pitbull and he will understand who is in charge. 



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