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January, 28, 2014




How are the things going with you? We hope all is going well with you.


Taking care of a Pitbull is not an easy thing. Some people claim that they are faced with dog aggression quite often and do not know what may cause such problems. Really dog aggression is not rarity. Pitbulls may be aggressive because they do not like other canines, or they may want to protect themselves and their family. 


Here is the list of factors, provided by dog behaviorists, that can lead to the development of aggression.

- medical conditions;

- genetic predisposition;

- abuse;

- anxiety or fear;

- experience of being a victim of other dogs' aggression.


There is an opinion that lack of training is not the reason of aggressive behavior. Some handlers claim that despite regular training sessions a Pitbull may still remain aggressive. We should remember that every Pitbull has its personal character and personality and every Pitbull may act differently in various situations depending on his upbrining and training.


Take care of your Pitbull properly and it is more likely you will not have problems with aggression. 

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