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February, 11, 2014




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It’s always tempting to peek into others' thoughts but there are cases when incredibly bright things escape our notice treated as mere pebbles. Love is traditionally presented as one of the greatest Pitbulls' merits. But what do people really think of them and what do they value in them? Let’s take a look at keen observations about Pitbulls people use daily without paying much attention to them. These are proverbs most of which have no geographical or national boundaries. 

For example, one of the most valued dog’s duties is that of protection. - “Who does not keep dogs, keeps thieves” (states an Italian proverb). Inspite of all the love we have for dogs we admit: they do bite, as in proverbs resembling this one: “Dogs have teeth in all countries”. Very often a dog’s love is not that disinterested as in “A dog follows the one who feeds it” (South African proverb).There is a sure place for dogs in our lives, but it’s not higher than that of people: “Children aren't dogs; adults aren't gods” (as stated in Haitian proverb). Dog barking can be very annoying though it doesn’t hurt as the bite does, as resulting from: “Conscience is the dog that can't bite, but never stops barking”. And barking in such proverbs is often described as a bad trait of an unintelligent weak creatures, though power is often associated with silence. Compare to the "Do not respond to a barking dog."
There is one expression according to which keeping an adoring dog and an ignoring cat may help a man to have ‘a true perspective’ of his importance. 
For sure you’ll agree that competent training helps to improve dogs’ behaviour as well. And are there cases when training won’t help?

It is a well known fact that Pitbulls always need to be in good shape. For this purpose it is necessary to train your pet with the help of high quality training equipment. Such implements you will be able to find in our online shope. The strongest and the most durable products are waiting for you! We strive for making your dog comfortable and good-looking. Gorgeous dogs such as Pitbulls deserve to look great. We combine the best qualities in one product! Do not miss a wonderful chance to pick the best equipment for training sessions with your Pitbull! 


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February 10, 2014 - Expect


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