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June, 28 2013

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Pitbulls are a part of the family as well as any other dog. We take care of them as if they are our own children. However, it can be very difficult to keep a Pitbull in the house. First of all, every handler should know how to feed his pet. Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners do not consider feeding to be important and this may affect a dog's health. Pitbulls are a large breed and they have a big appetite, especially after walking and training sessions, but that does not mean that you should feed them as much food as they can eat. It is important to remember that the amount of food you feed your dog changes as the dog grows. Pitbull puppies are very active and need a lot of energy. That's why it is recommended to feed them twice a day up to six or seven months. Older Pits can be fed once a day. It is not advised to feed a dog before training sessions or immediately after. Vets claim that Pits need to cool down and relax after exercises otherwise it can cause a bloat which may ba fatal. If your Pit has heaps of energy that means that it does not really want to eat. 


It is necessary to look after a Pitbull very carefully and watch what and when it eats. If you train and feed your Pit correctly, it will be healthy. 


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Training,tracking leather dog leash/ walking dog lead

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Professional leash for training

Is your dog strong and active? Does he like working? Even if he doesn’t we may suggest you a unique method due to which your dog will fall in love with his everyday’ s tasks. It is a procedure of leash training.Today you can become an owner of Wonderful Dog Leash – Handmade Training Accessory – New Tracking Leather Leash. If you are in pursuit of low price but excellent quality then you'd prefer this leash for track work with your dog. This leash is soft and truly rich!


Exclusive Luxury Handcrafted Padded Leather Dog Harness 
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Super durable leather dog harness

Need a harness with stunning design? Absolutely great dog harness is here! Popular dog internet shop wants to invite your attention to Distinguished Training Device For Pitbulls-Fully Leather Amazingly Designed First-Class Dog Harness With Improved Adjustment System! This harness will be always near you when you are at your wits’ end because your dog behavior is in need of correction or your training efforts are ineffective.


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