Tac-Black Leather Agitation Collars for Pitbull training

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  • Model: C33NH1072 BEST Leather Dog Collar


This Tac-Black collar is 1 3/4 inch(40 mm) wide Handmade 2 Ply Leather Agitation/Working Dog Collar!
This leather Tac-Black agitation collar are made of the finest quality leather
We can make this collar to fit dogs with neck size 18 inch and up to 34 inch (45 cm - 85 cm)

Tac-Black Leather Agitation Collars for Pitbull training
Tac-Black Leather Agitation Collars for Pitbull training

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High density Tac-Black leather dog collar, designed to spread the pressure of agitation over a large area, preventing injury to your dog's neck.

Make your dog comfortable, strong, and secure during protection work with this leather dog collar. Available in black leather only.

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