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  • Model: C24##1072 padded collar w/h thick felt


We offer today 1.5 inch Leather dog Collar for Pitbull

This collar fit for Pitbull with neck size 18 inch and up to 30 inch (45 cm - 76 cm)

Our 1.5 inch padded Leather Collar with thick felt for maximum dog comfort.

Best collar for training or agitation work.

width this collar 1.5"- 3.8 cm

1.5 inch Leather Collar best choice for your service or companion dog.

BUY 1.5 inch Leather Collar for Pitbull

BUY 1.5 inch Leather Collar for Pitbull

Our leather dog collars will make the difference for your dogs when this is about success, comfort, safety, quality, durability and professionalism.

I love Rocco's (my Pitbull) collar!!
I shopped around for weeks trying to find one that was wide enough to fit his big fat neck. I could not find one like it.
I really like the felt lining underneath, it seems much more comfortable than other collars.
Thanks again and I will definately tell my friends and family about your terrific products.
Mike and Rocco.

General "Woof" Collar Tip: We treat every order with professionalism and responsibility, so if we feel that some info should be verified and if collar you selected for your dog is not best choice, we will call or email with better 
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