Similar Julius K9 Dog Harness for Pitbull

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  • Model: H6P##1072 ServiceSearch&RescueSecurity


Similar Julius K9 dog harness for Pitbull Service dogs, Search & Rescue dogs and Security dogs like Pitbull

also you can use this harness for everyday, for training your Pitbull and more..

Size of front strap 7 inches(18cm)
Size of back strap 17-21 inches(43cm-53cm)
Size of front strap 10 inches(25cm)
Size of back strap  21-26 inches(53cm-67cm)

Size of front strap 12 inches(30cm)
Size of back strap  25- 31 inches(62cm-81cm)

Size of front strap 17 inches(43cm)
Size of back strap  28-34 inches(70cm-87cm)

Size of front strap 21 inches(53cm)
Size of back strap  33-45 inches(84cm-115cm)

Similar Julius K9 Dog Harness for Pitbull

Similar Julius K9 Dog Harness for Pitbull

This Dog Harness Included Removable Patch !

1.Adjustable chest and tummy bands.
2.Retractable handle on back to help dog on difficult obstacles.
3.Heavy duty construction with steel rivets at tension points

4.This Dog Harness features reflective strap in front for enhanced visibility in low light and a set of ID patches, which will be send you with the harness for free.

Check how this harness looks on Pitbull / Our Video

General "Woof" Tip: Using right material for padding is crucial for your dogs comfort – good padding  should be of natural origin to avoid rubbing and irritation of your dogs skin and fur.
Please be very careful when you select padded dog product, check how padding attached to the chest plate or other padded areas.Glued padding is not the best way to make good padded harness, muzzle or collar, stitching might be much better idea, hand stitched products will cost more, however this is the best way to make product which serves for lifetime. start reading this and the other very useful articles from the beginning please click on here...Competitive or working dogs should warm up in a more goal-oriented way. First remember that the dog should have warmed up and exercised BEFORE starting a competition or an active session. It is strongly recommended that you also allow your dog to wind down after a competition or active session before any stretching exercises. Here is a checklist that may be used before a competition or active session. Let the dog walk slowly for a while. Then increase the tempo for 2-3 minutes. Let the dog trot for 2-3 minutes. Let the dog gallop for 1 minute. Then let the dog make some short, explosive moves. Finally, let the dog wind down by going back to trotting and then walking. Warming up does not tire the dog. Instead, it increases blood circulation and warms up the muscles, ensuring that the joints are lubricated and more supple. The dog is now ready to perform. After the warm up, you could easily test your dog’s mobility by using the eight most common stretch techniques. You should be sensitive to your dog’s signals. The dog should not experience any discomfort. If it does, do not hesitate to contact the vet. Place one hand directly above the knee joint, and the other on the lower part of the leg around the hock joint. Lift the leg upwards so that the knee is bent. Push gently upwards and backwards with the hand positioned above the knee joint. After completing a competition or active session, let the dog wind down. Then carefully do some stretching exercises. Then when you return home, reward to dog with a massage. You will get a happy dog, ready for new challenges. Massage and stretching are essential, as well as a low cost investment into your dog’s health. On top of that, this process improves the quality of your dog’s life. start reading this and the other very useful articles from the beginning please click on here...

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Reliable nylon Pitbull harness with nickel plated hardware

Sturdy nylon Pitbull harness

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