Special Tubular Leather Dog Collar in BLACK for Pitbull (12mm)

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  • Model: C96121072 1/2 inch WIDE choke collar


All-about-pitbull-dog-breed.com offers Handmade Special Tubular Leather Dog Collar for Pitbull

The Special Tubular Leather Pitbull Collar in Black is a classically designed leather choke dog collar made for training .

Special Tubular Leather Dog Collar in BLACK for Pitbull

Special Tubular Leather Dog Collar in BLACK for Pitbull

Perfect for Pitbull and any dogs, this dog collar will keep your Pitbull comfortable .

Handcrafted 1/2 inch wide Leather choke dog collar

Team up with the matching Classic Leather Dog Leash for the perfect collar and leash set up!

Made of durable black stitched leather!!!

General "Woof" Collar Tip: If you feel that after reading this info you still have questions about ordering correct size and type collar please call, email or fax us and we will answer your additional questions and will help with selecting right collar for your dog and task.

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Matching Rolled Leather Dog Lead for Pitbull

Matching Rolled Leather Dog Lead for Pitbull

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Rolled leather Pitbull choke collar

Silent in action choke Pitbull collar

Pitbull black leather collar with rust-free brass plated hardware for quality control

Pitbull black leather collar easy-to-adjust with brass plated fittings for any activity

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