3/4'' Perfectly Plain Leather Leash for Pitbull

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  • Model: L320#1072 Braided End Dog Leash (20mm)


Handmade 3/4 inch Perfectly Plain Leather Leash with Braided End for your Pitbull

Leather Dog Leash details

- 3/4'' wide

- 2' to 6' long

- Handcrafted Leash

- Braided End

- Selected Leather

- Brass snap hook

3/4'' Perfectly Plain Leather Leash for Pitbull

3/4'' Perfectly Plain Leather Leash for Pitbull

Leather dog leash size:

3/4 inch on 2 foot (2.0 cm on 60.0 cm)
3/4 inch on 3 foot (2.0 cm on 90.0 cm)
3/4 inch on 4 foot (2.0 cm on 120.0 cm)
3/4 inch on 5 foot (2.0 cm on 150.0 cm)
3/4 inch on 6 foot (2.0 cm on 180.0 cm)

General "Woof" leash† Tip: We only use best leather and nylon when make our dog leashes

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The reasons, owing to which the animal is suffering from shock, are different. It can be emotional upset, hypothermia or severe pain. Injured pit bull terrier has hurried breathing and cardiopalmus, gingivae turn pale. The dog almost does not respond to exogenous irritants (noise, movement of people around) and it takes a lot of efforts for it to move. It is necessary to lay the injured animal on soft bedding and call a veterinarian.
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