Small Spiked Dog Collar for Pitbull puppy

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  • Model: S33S#1072 Leather Spiked Dog Collar30


Our store offers Small Spiked Dog Collar for Pitbull puppy

Spiked collar info:

wide of collar 1 1/4 inch (3cm)
1/2" Steel Nickel-Plated Spikes
Colors: black,Brown,Tan
height quality leather

New colors, featuring blunted spikes to prevent injuries.
Featuring a generous single row of spikes, we  hand polished the edges for comfort.
Collar with nickel-plated buckle with welded d-ring and smooth capped rivets.

Small Spiked Dog Collar for Pitbull puppy

Small Spiked Dog Collar for Pitbull puppy

General "Woof" Collar Tip: You should know that when your dog is properly measured that would be enough for making good fit collar. If someone says – don’t worry and order this collar, it will fit your dog for sure, you should be alerted 
– this is simply not true, some products have generic sizing but it is always good to check exact sizing info, as not all dogs have same body and head shape and size.
To measure your dog for collar you can simply use flexible measuring tape or string which you can apply to flat ruler.
When you size for collar you can order based on tight measurement
We make collars adjustable up and down (based on the exact neck size you specify when place the order online)

Need Custom Designer this Dog Collar?

leather spiked and studded  dog collar

spiked dog collar     spiked dog collar

spiked dog collar     spiked dog collar

ID tag suitable for practically any collar in stainless steel casing with a brass finish
Non destructible ID Tag Metal Tube start reading this article from the beginning please click on here....The most number of points to be earned for performance of this challenge is 100, including working out of the trace route that is 78 points, revelation of the objects is 22 points (11 points is awarded apiece). The exercise is considered to be unfulfilled if the dog departs from the route for 10 m and more while pursuing. As for the rest trace work of pit bull terrier is evaluated the same as I stage testing. Obedience (division B) Summarizing the results of all the exercises, the most number of points to be charged is 100. Exercise 1. Leading the dog without the leash and shot response test. Exercise begins with normal stand position. Then the guide and the dog move straight with measured steps. On covering the distance 40 m, it needs to turn right around and go back in the same track. After that, they turn to the right, left and about at the various travel speed (normal or slow stride, run). Otherwise, the rules of that testing are similar to those concerning primary stage testing. During this testing the guide has the right to give the dog the command: “ Heel!” The dog is beside the guide that moves straight with measured steps. On covering 20 m , the guide must give the command: “Sit!” Once the dog performs this command, the guide, without looking back, gets over next 20 m. Then he stops and faces the dog. After some time the dog approaches the guide again and runs around him singly. Normal stand position is a final element of the exercise. The most number of the points to be gained for this exercise is 10. The guide can not use a leash when dog, walking at footpace, executes the instruction: “Sit!”. Exercise 2. . Walk slips into pause The dog, freed from a leash, is beside the guide. They both should walk 10 m in straight lines. Then the guide gives the command: “Stop!”, after which the dog is obliged to come to standstill immediately, but he goes on moving forward without looking back and staying. On getting over 30 m, the guide faces pit bull terrier and gives the command: “Come here!” the dig must run close to him and take its stand in front of him. Then, the command: “Heel!” is given and the dog, executing it, must rapidly sit down near the guide’s left leg. The most number of points to be charged for execution of this exercise is continue reading this article please click on here...

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