Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for American Pit Bull Terrier

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  • Model: M4###1072 Wire basket dog muzzle


Wire cage dog muzzle for safety and protection

Looking for a reliable and practical, comfortable and lightweight dog muzzle? We want you to pay your attention to our new supply - custom made metal wire cage canine muzzle presented on this web-page. Due to affordable price, this product has become an indispensable accessory for many pet handlers.

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Top Quality Pitbull Breed Wire Dog Muzzle

Exclusive Pitbull Dog Muzzle Made Of Finest Leather And Metal Wire

Dear customer, today you have the chance to buy fashion classic extra durable dog muzzle for Pit Bull dog. This unique model is available in 6 sizes to fit Pit Bull breed of different age. It might fit to other breeds as well. Enormous durability, lightweight constriction, pretty design, resistance to rust, super popularity among dog handlers, great functionality, easy maintenance are those peculiarities the muzzle is characterized by. Wanna know more about this handmade product? We do not know ourselves what other benefits may be found in this muzzle-you are destined to find out them on your own. Trying it day by day you will be greatly surprised at number of capabilities of such a multitasking but safe facility. A proper-fitting muzzle is very important for Pit Bull's safety. This heavy-duty muzzle features four adjustable straps but its nose area is carefully padded with soft natural felt. Your Pit Bull is sure to feel extremely comfortable when wearing this elaborate dog muzzle. The cage's metal is engineered to maintain its integrity for many following years. Good air flow is allowed by this basket design.

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Safe Walking Wire Basket Pitbull Muzzle with Adjustable Leather Straps

Wire Basket Pitbull Muzzle with Leather Straps

Comfy Wire Basket Pitbull Muzzle with Upper Nose Padding

Padded Wire Basket Pitbull Muzzle

Walking Wire Basket Pitbull Muzzle

Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for Pitbull Breed

Everyday Wire Cage Pitbull Muzzle

Wire Basket Dog Muzzle on Pitbull

Key features of Pitbull Muzzle:

  • Fantastic framework
  • Pleasant color combination
  • Long service life
  • Stylish exterior
  • Keeps from chewing, biting and eating of unwanted objects
  • Up to the standards
  • Modern design
  • Light-weight
  • 100% high-grade leather straps won't stretch

Intended use of Pitbull Muzzle:

  • Individual and group training
  • Vet's, behaviorist's or dog trainer's appointment
  • Visiting of friends, vets, trainers, etc.
  • Everyday walks

Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for American Pit Bull Terrier / Pictures from our customers:

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How to measure your Pitbull for good fit muzzle:

How to measure your dog
Length: Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches
Circumference: Circumference around snout one inch below eye line in inches
Eye Line: Distance from eye line to right behind the ears in inches
Neck Circumference: Circumference around neck behind ears in inches
Height: Snout height , should be measured with mouth a little open in inches
Width: Snout width in the widest part in inches
Wire MuzzleInches (cm)Inches(cm)
Muzzle #Snout LengthSnout Circumference
64 inch (10 cm)12-1/2 inch (32 cm)
74-1/3 inch (11 cm)13-1/3 inch (34 cm)
84-1/3 inch (11 cm)13-2/3 inch (35 cm)
94-2/3 inch (12 cm)14-1/3 inch (36.5 cm)
105 inch (13 cm)15-1/3 inch (39 cm)
B1 2 inc(5 cm) 12 inch(31 cm)

Note! There is NO strap between the eyes for muzzle sizes: #0, #1, #2 and #3. If you would like to order the muzzle with the front strap, please, note it in your order notes.

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Easy-to-use Metal Pitbull Dog Muzzle

High Quality Dog Muzzle Follows The Contours Of The Dog's Head

Comfortable Lifetime Pitbull Dog Muzzle

Hot Sale Pit Bull Dog Muzzle Helps The Dog To Focus On The Task Prescribed

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Here we have the most man aggressive dogs in America, such as the GSD, being trained and used in every service department in the country, meanwhile the number one stolen dog in America, the American Pit Bull Terrier (A.P.B.T.), is revered the biggest threat. Somewhere in all of our knowledge we have lost common sense. Most of thought loss ironically goes with believing everything we see and hear on T.V. while saying; " Don't believe everything you hear and see on T.V." For example the "Dog Attack" that was posted up almost a year ago in one newspaper; it was a Belgian Malinois, that maimed an 8 year old girl pretty badly. The Belgian Malinois is a police dog bred in Deutschland and is a pure bred dog combining A.P.B.T and GSD. They come to the states as K9s with no pedigree, as pets you get a pure Belgian Malinois, which is a 4 generation inbred dog. Great!; a man biting GSD with pit bull strength and intensity. If it had been a pit bull, the paper would have cause a hysteria that would have the breed banned in CDA. Do we really want these dogs who are man-eaters by nature working for our police, sheriff, and other law enforcement officers? Do we want these dogs living next door to us and our children? Would you not want that K9 put down like any other dog for violent attacks on innocent people? Some  trust the dog that has been bred for fighting for over 500yrs, the American Pit Bull Terrier, as the great dog man Louis Colby once said; "no one wants a man biting fighting dog." In my own opinion, I think we have more pit bull heroes than GSD's; Old Yellar, Petey and Rascal (Little Rascals original show), Droopy, Snoopy, the RCA dog, SSgt. Stubby (USA's most decorated service dog.),countless others as well as being the mascot for the USA during WWII, before you listen to propaganda have you ever seen a small all white Beagle that could take on a wolf? Maybe we should take pride in our American working, catch dogs. Nothing better than a dog that works like a machine great with kids and has to be TRAINED to be man aggressive, but that's just my opinion. When it comes to the canine world popular opinion decides, Hero or Zero…...to start reading this and the other useful articles from the beginning please click on here...

Check how our products look on the dogs / Pictures from Customers

Click on the pictures to see bigger image

Easy to breathe metal basket muzzle

Non-restrictive wire basket Pitbull muzzle

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