SIMILAR to La Cinopelca Classic Chain Dog Leash for Pitbull


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  • Model: L100#1072 quick release snap hook


Looking for La Cinopelca Classic Chain Dog Leash for your Pitbull?

Please, consider our high quality Chain dog leash with Leather handle with quick release snap hook for Pitbull!

SIMILAR to La Cinopelca Classic Chain Dog Leash for Pitbull

SIMILAR to La Cinopelca Classic Chain Dog Leash for Pitbull

Leash info:

Chain length : 
16 inch ( 40 cm)

Leather part width - 1/2 inch (13 mm) 
Leather part length - 10 inch (25 cm)

Chain part has swivel for better active dogs walking 

Overall length from the tip of the handle to tip of snap: 
26 inch ( 65 cm)

Chain part has swivel for better active dogs walking

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