Synthetic French Linen Dog Bite Pad with 3 Handles


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  • Model: TE39#1072 Dog bite pad with 3 handles


Super Strong and Durable Bite Pillow with Handles

Train your future champion with the best equipment, tested and approved by experts and trainers. French Linen Bite Pad will help your Pitbull to improve his bite position and build a strong grip. While producing dog gears, we think over all the aspects of the training, so this bite pillow is durable, safe for the dog's teeth and health, and certainly comfortable for the trainer, as it has 3 handles to provide you with the full control and strong grab.

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Pitbull Bite Training Pillow  of French Linen

Durable French Linen Bite Pillow for Pitbull Strong Grip

Pro Bite Pillow with 3 Handles

Extremely Durable Bite Pad with Strong Handles

Key features of this Pitbull Bite Pillow:

  • Hypoallergic quality material
  • Durable French Linen synthetic material
  • Light weight tool
  • Three comfortable handles
  • Wide bite area surface
  • Securely stitched
  • Increased durability

Intended to use of Pitbull Bite Pillow:

  • Bite skills developing
  • Protection training

Sizes available:

  • Width - 8 1/2 inch (23 cm)
  • Length - 13 inch (33 cm)


  • French Linen
This dog bite pillow is made of  super strong and durable French Linen that will withstand sharp teeth of any dog. The bite pad is stuffed with special material. This tool is perfect to help your dog to learn how to bite. All the edges and handles are reliably stitched to prevent damage of the product while bite work. Its surface is tear-proof that prolongs service life of the gear. With this dog bite pad you will help your dog to develop skills so important for any dog.
As this dog supply is aimed for biting, safety is an essential feature of the item. French Linen is non-toxic, thus it won't be a reason of allergic reaction or any other problems with the health. There are no metal or plastic parts, which can harm the teeth. So, don’t worry about your precious Pitbull!

It is equipped with 3 handles, 2 of which are placed on the both sides. The other one is in the central part of the item. It means, that you will be able to hold it reliably and in various positions. Moreover, you can help your pet to bite in the right way.

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