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10 Top Reasons to Own an American Pit Bull

Top Ten Reasons to Own an American Pit Bull

  • Reason #1 Shelters are full of happy but homeless American Pit Bull terriers and most of these dogs are destined to be euthanized.  But what one should expect from adopting of such dog? You will acquire a best friend represented by a rescue dog and at the same time you will save the life of such dog, so you will be a hero! Needless to say those by doing that you will render your local shelter a service and thus keep more homeless American Pit Bull Terriers off the streets. 

    It is a useful reason to adopt a Bully Breed Dog or Pit Bull! Start your search right now!
  • Reason #2 Communication is of great importance for human spirit and people usually say: “Dog is the best friend of a man” it is not for nothing and American Pit Bull Terrier can be even more of one. Despite the myths you can hear that Pit Bull and all Bully breeds are bent to please their owners. This is a great reason why you should have an American Pit Bull Terrier at your home.

  • Reason #3You get your own particular (and portative) heater. Throw away your snuggie and get Bully Breed Dog! This dog can snore, but it loves to embrace and you will feel warm during the coldest nights! This reason to have a rescue Bully Breed Dog is sure to be more user-friendly than you think!

  • Reason # 4 Bringing up and educating of a charismatic, well-bred and responsible puppy will turn to be very helpful further and will have long-life results. Besides that these dogs are “Nanny Dogs” and can enjoy their particular place as member of human family but the advantage in acquiring a rescue Pit Bull is that it knows its place in hierarchy of its owner’s home and therefore such dog is a more obedient, calmer and consequently happier American Pit Bull Terrier.

  •  Reason # 5 You’d have your own piece of history; some Bully Breed dogs saved many human lives; but writer Mark Twain and President Theodor Roosevelt were proud owners of The Pit Bull Terrier.   

  • Reason # 6  All of us need  a good training session and American Pit Bull Terrier and  getting a rescue Bully Breed Dog is like having a good personal trainer with motivational experience. (of course you do not want a restless puppy who is tearing up your sofa). Rescue dogs are extremely playful and you are certain to have a good laugh with this dog!

  • Reason #7 these dogs get along with children! In contradiction from popular myths American Pit Bull terrier is   very kind and caring with small kids and babies! So much fantastic these dogs with human young ones that they were left to babysit in times past!

  • Reason #8 Attach it to the person. As responsible Pit Bull and Bully Breed rescue Dogs’ owners we have a chance to appoint an ambassador for this breed; American Pit Bull Terrier, who is amicable, passive and well-mannered. We should change the stereotype #1 about danger of these dogs and perform our long mission consisting in dissuading the people who always heard only about vicious American Pit Bull Terriers.  

  • Reason # 9 You have always something funny to do! You can go for a walk at the shopping-outlets and it will be your excuse not to invite a human companion but a dog.

  • Reason #10 Your health! Bully Breed Dogs have great number of fine characteristics; their funny, athletic, clever, smart nature erases all negatives emotions in us. Their behavioral attributes allow them to keep their owner in good shape- both physical and mental.

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