Handcrafted Leather Pitbull Leash for Walking and Tracking

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  • Model: L320#1072 dog leash width 3/4 inch brass


Multifunctional Leather Leash Decorated with Braiding

Does your dog need a new walking equipment? Are you going to find the leash which will serve you much longer than the previous one? Have a look at this Handmade Dog Leash made of strong genuine leather. The high-quality material, first carefully selected and then tanned and oiled, is the best warranty of a long service life of the tool. The quality of the hardware is not less important, so our craftsmen equipped the leash with a brass snap hook and D-ring. Protected from rust, they will shine for years not losing its attractive gold-like color.
But, it is not an ordinary walking tool - handmade braiding near the snap hook and a comfy-to-grab handle distinguishes this lead out of the others, making your dog look unique and stylish.

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Braided Leather Leash for Daily Walking

Quality Leather Dog Leash Adorned with Handmade Braids

Comfortable Leather Dog Leash

Handcrafted Leather Pitbull Lead with Handle


Key features of this Pitbull Leash:

  • 100% full grain latigo leather
  • brass high quality snap hook
  • handmade
  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide smooth waxed edges leather
  • rust and corrosion resistant hardware
  • gold color fittings
  • exquisite braided decoration
  • super durable

Intended use of this Pitbull Leash:

  • walking
  • training

Sizes available:

  • 2 Ft (60 cm)
  • 3 Ft (90 cm)
  • 4 Ft (120 cm)
  • 5 Ft (150 cm)
  • 6 Ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown
Reliable Leather Dog Lead

Leather Dog Leash with Brass Snap Hook and D-ring

Extra Strong Dog Leash Made of Genuine Leather

Multifunctional Leather Dog Leash

It is practical and reliable dog equipment, nevertheless, it looks luxurious and expensive. Due to the high-end leather, the leash is a long servicing and extremely strong accessory, perfectly suitable for daily walking and tracking. Handling your pet will not be a problem, as full grain leather will not tear or stretch, as well as the hardware will not break. All the brass hardware is resistant to rust and corrosion. In order this leash will serve you better and longer, its fitting is fixed with brass rivets.
To create comfort for the handler, the edges of the leash were diligently smoothed. Holding the item firmly, you will not face the problem of irritation or rubbing of your palm.
Each end of the collar is adorned with braids, neatly crafted by hands of our professional designers. The outstanding design will definitely put your Pitty in the center of attention and add some luxury in your usual daily walks.

Hello Guy, The leashes we purchased from you are fantastic. The quality and craftsmanship are superb. I will never buy a leash from a big pet store again! Thank you.
From: Jennifer, USA

Hi Guy, Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase of two 6 foot leather leashes. After many years of using leather, I had tried 3 different nylon styles. They just did not have the same feel I was used to. Fortunately, I discovered your website, which had the style and construction of leashes purchased through trainers years ago. Both leases are very well made, and the weight is what I am comfortable with, the handles are starting to give a little now, and feel so comfortable around my wrist and hand. Thank you for a great product! I would also like to say that the cost was very reasonable, compared to leather leashes I had looked at in retail...and they did not have the brass clips or the twisted leather feature for strength. I plan to look to you in the future for other products. Sincerely.
From: Linda, USA

I received the order yesterday. Overall, I'm very happy with the leash. I had one similar to it for several years, and my 9-month-old Airedale snapped it a couple weeks ago. Yours is a bit wider and appears much stronger. I don't expect this one to snap.
From: Kendall, Florida, USA

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