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  • Model: M88##1072 American Pitbull muzzle


Padded Leather Dog Muzzle for Pitbull

If you are an owner of a Pitbull, your dog won't be able to do without a muzzle, as it is a necessary condition for safe walking with a large dog who is able to scare the surrounders only with his mere appearance. This exclusive handmade by our craftsmen leather muzzle is the best variant for your 4-feet friend, as it fits Pitbull perfectly. You have to see it yourself to believe the skilful craftsmanship and an exceptional quality of this product. Due to a great design the muzzle is well ventilated. It is very comfortable for your dog and also very practical and long servicing supply, which is an ideal variant for daily use.

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Lightweight Loop-Like Leather Pitbull Muzzle Soft Padded

Loop-Like Leather Pitbull Muzzle Padded

This muzzle is harmless and non-toxic, as it is crafted of top grade genuine leather, soft, still strong material. Its numerous advantages make this quality muzzle the best choice for your precious doggy. The muzzle is padded inside with very soft Nappa leather for maximum comfort and to prevent rubbing. It will not stick to a dog's snout in winter and will not reflect excessive sunlight when it is hot outside. An unusual loop-like design of the muzzle unable the canine to open the mouth, thus inhibits biting, chewing when properly fitted. As a rule, dogs don't like wearing such a gear, always trying to get rid of this detail. Don't worry, this model is extremely difficult for the dog to dislodge with the paws.
A quick release buckle saves your time when fastening. Adjustable strap helps to get the best-fitted position on the dog's snout.

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Padded Leather Pitbull Muzzle with White Stitches

Padded Leather Pitbull Muzzle Stitched

Key features of this Pitbull Muzzle:

  • Excellent top quality leather
  • Quick release buckle
  • Lightweight
  • Superb design
  • Very strong 
  • Easy-to-use
  • Perfect fit
  • Safe and non-toxic

Intended use of this Pitbull Muzzle:

  • Regular walks
  • Dog training
  • Going to public places
  • Service of vet or groomer
  • Traveling


  • 3 sizes available


  • Black
Loop-Like Leather Pitbull Muzzle with 2 Adjustable Straps

Adjustable Loop-Like Pitbull Muzzle

How to measure your Pitbull for good fit muzzle:

How to  measure your dog
Length: Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches
Circumference: Around snout one inch below eye line in inches
Eye Line: Distance from eye line to the point right behind the ears
Neck Circumference: Circumference around neck behind ears in inches
Width: Snout width in the widest part
Height: Snout height, should be measured with mouth a little open
Royal Nappa Leather Dog Muzzle - product code: M88

Royal Nappa Leather Dog Muzzle

Tips For Pitbull Owners:
Dog muzzles can be made of leather, plastic or wire. They allow enough room for dogs to comfortably open their mouth and pant freely.

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Articles about American Pit Bull Terrier start reading this and the other useful articles from the beginning please click on here...During all that time, you never heard of pit bulls mauling 5-year old kids. It was only when the breed became immensely popular in the 1980s--i.e., when lots of ignoramuses suddenly became backyard breeders--that you began to read stories (at least some of them must have been true) about man-eating pit bulls. These monster dogs were not "fighting dogs". The scrupulous criteria that old-time breeders had used for selecting or culling dogs in breeding programs were thrown out the window--along with plain common sense. The backyard breeders didn't know the difference between gameness and aggressiveness. Many of them didn't grasp the fact that a champion fighting dog is born, not made; so they tried to make their dogs into "fighting dogs." In the hands of ignorant breeders, the gentle, affectionate qualities that were so crucial to the old-time breeders also went out the window. You began to see idiotic ads in the classified section announcing "Pitbull pups for sale. Big-boned. Big heads. Excellent attack dogs. No papers. $250" From the old-time breeders' point of view, the gentle qualities were an absolutely indispensable safety precaution to be bred into a fighting dog, since no dog could be fought if it couldn't be safely handled by its owner during a pit contest. These breeders bred for a type that was extremely easy-going and docile around people and would NEVER think of biting a friendly hand, even amid the fury of a fight. A well-bred pit bull is so reliable in this respect that even if he is badly hurt in an automobile accident and is in extreme pain, he won't snap at his owner who tries to pick him up--unlike most dogs in that situation. Well-bred pit bulls are like labs in that they will never try to dominate their owners through threats, such as growling or baring teeth or snapping. Sure, they will try to dominate you--by outsmarting you, by doing something sneaky to get their way when they know you're not looking. But it is a very rare pit bull that will growl when you pick up his food dish or reach into his mouth to take a bone away. The analogy to labs is fitting because both of these breeds were selectively bred for tasks that demanded an extreme level of generosity toward people. Can you imagine a lab that snarled when you tried to take the duck from his mouth? Such a dog would have been culled from a serious performance-based breeding program. Likewise, any APBT that showed the least sign of aggression toward people was culled as unsuitable for breeding. Whether true or not, it was an article of faith among old-time breeders that a human-aggressive dog simply could not be dead game. In any case, such a dog would have been unsuitable for fighting purposes: no one would volunteer to be its handler or to referee the match. As a result of this careful breeding history, the APBT is an extremely easy-going, human-loving dog. If gameness manifests itself as climbing trees, (etc) then aren't all these legitimate tests for gameness? Pit bulls will generally excel in activities that require sustained determination and that test their bodies' ability to endure pain and exhaustion to an extreme. But the fact is that there are very few activities that will test a dog's gameness to its limits, or that will provide a basis for comparing one dog's degree of gameness to another' continue reading this article please click on here...

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Lightweight leather Pitbull muzzle

Royal Nappa padded leather Pitbull muzzle

No rubbing leather Pitbull muzzle

Open nose shape leather Pitbull muzzle

by yan brown
Date Added: 12/31/2016
i just get that muzzle is realy good quality fit perfect for my dog plus they give us lil free toy nice service thx alot!

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