Long Fire Hose Dog Bite Tug with 2 Handles


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  • Model: TE5321072 Dog Bite Tag Fire Hose


Long and Thin Fire Hose Bite Tug - Extra Durable Tool for Dog Training

Not a single training tool was able to withstand the force of your Pitbull?
Have you already lost your temper in searching the tug, which is as strong as your dog is?
Sigh with relief! Try this Fire Hose Bite Tug and you will at once understand how much it differs from the others in its durability! It is really difficult to imagine the material more appropriate for a dog training supply than a fire hose, as it is sturdy, time-proof and harmless for the dog. It is meant for professional use, which requires comfort for both participants of the training, thus it is equipped with handles to satisfy the trainer's needs also.

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Fire Hose Pitbull Bite Tug with 2 Stitched Handles

Fire Hose Pitbull Bite Tug with 2 Handles

Training Fire Hose Pitbull Bite Tug with 2 Handles

Fire Hose Pitbull Bite Tug for Training

Key features of this Pitbull Tug:

  • reliable quality fire hose
  • 2 strong nylon handles
  • increased durability
  • carefully stitched edges
  • hand made dog-safe materials

Intended use of this Pitbull Tug:

  • retrieve training
  • biting skills improvement


  • width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm)
  • length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • Fire Hose


This dog gear is perfect for bite and retrieve training, as its durability is tested and approved by pro trainers, so you can use it without doubts that it will fit your dog's demands during training.

This Bite Tug is manufactured of real fire hose, almost imperishable material, which has rubber and canvas in its structure. It can withstand excessive overload, so even if your vigorous Pitbull pulls and bites too hard, you can be sure in its resistance to damages. It is difficult to tear it up, as it is reliably stitched on the edges for a prolonged lifetime.

This Bite Tug has a soft interior of hypoallergenic fabrics which are safe for the dog's teeth. The stuffing also will never do harm to your dog. There are no reasons not to use this strong and harmless dog supply.

2 convenient handles are well stitched with heavy duty threads for better durability. Thus, the trainer is provided with better comfort and safety, as being at a proper distance from the dog's teeth your hands will be protected from accidental bites.

NB! This dog supply is not a chewing toy; it is meant only for training purposes.

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